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1. Empress Pork $9.25
Mildly spiced dish of fried batter-dipped pork sauteed in sweet sauce and glazed with hot oil. Click to enlarge

2. Garlic Pork $9.25
Shredded pork with mushrooms, bell peppers, water chestnuts, and ginger in heavy spicy garlic sauce. Click to enlarge

3. Mu Shu Pork $9.25
Shredded pork sauteed with vegetables, served wrapped in Mandarin pancakes with scallions and hoisin sauce. Click to enlarge

4. Mustard Grn w/ Pork $9.95
Strips of pork stir-fried with mustard greens. Click to enlarge

5. Pork String Beans $9.25
strip of pork stir-fried with string beans. Click to enlarge

6. Pork with Asparagus $10.95
sliced pork cooked with fresh asparagus in special Taiwanese Satay Sauce. Click to enlarge

7. Pork with Hot Bean Sauce $9.25
Pork with spicy bean sauce layered on bok choy. Click to enlarge

8. Pork with Leeks $9.25
Sliced pork stir-fried with leeks. Click to enlarge

9. Pork with Satay Sauce $9.25
Sliced pork with special Taiwanese satay sauce. Click to enlarge

10. Pork with Sweet Basil $9.25
Sliced pork with sweet basil in brown sauce layered on top of crispy rice noodles. Click to enlarge

11. Pork with Vegetables $9.25
Sliced pork sauteed with broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn, peapods, and fresh vegetables in a dark sauce. Click to enlarge

12. Sweet and Sour Pork $9.25
Deep-fried pork sauteed with green peppers and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce. Click to enlarge

13. Three Strips $9.25
Strips of tender pork, dried bean curd, and bamboo in special spicy sauce. Click to enlarge

14. Twice Cooked Pork $9.95
Boiled pork loin sliced and stir-fried with cabbage and garlic in a spicy hot sauce. Click to enlarge

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